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All the right-leaning critics have been whining about Obama's policies about closing Gitmo and torture memos, etc. Finally they've convinced Obama that releasing this stuff will only drive the terrorist recruiting drives, and hell they're probably right. But it leads us to a damned if we do, damned if we don't situation.

First, if it was that bad, we shouldn't have been doing the shit in the first place. The U.S. is the first to expose other countries for atrocities they have committed against the world. If such atrocities have been committed, those people should be held accountable and responsible for those actions. Remember that if you follow an illegal order, it's the same as commiting the illegal act on your own will.

Secondly, they've convinced Obama that none of these prisoners at Gitmo.. oh wait, they're not prisoners, you hold charges against prisoners. These people who have been put into Gitmo without charges and without a trial, and Obama is now saying that it's possible that any evidence against them has been tainted. So, the sloppy work actually put the world more at risk by assuring that these people being held without charges when it comes time for them to get a trial, they'll be acquitted because of the lack of evidence against them, AND they'll be able to recruit or martyr more for their cause, giving a first hand account on what happened to them while under custody.

And their primary purpose of torture? It turns out they were pressing the prisoners for an Al Qaeda and Iraq goverment link. Wait, I thought we already KNEW that before we invaded Iraq.. so why were they doing that in 2006, three years after the war started?

It's a friggin no-win scenario. You criticize the people who want to bring fair justice to these people who have been held without charges for up to 7-8 years now (which is against INALIENABLE human rights.. specifically, the right to a fair and speedy trial) but you ruined or tainted all the evidence. You held them as long as you could, until your term was over, and then make sure that someone else gets the blame for it in the end. It's a pathetic, Epic Fail.

You know the sign of a bad presidency? When they still talk about your failures and your spin doctors are STILL trying to patch it up for you, four months after you've even left office.
28th-Apr-2009 06:48 pm - Waiting...
Army Cosmo
2267 days until New Horizons reaches the former planet Pluto!
7th-Apr-2009 07:29 pm - My predictions for Star Trek
Army Cosmo
The new Star Trek movie is coming out next month. Part of my conclusion is based off of a minor (yet vague) spoiler so if you want to be completely surprised, move along.

Okay, now here's what I am predicting.. The minor plot device is time travel, it's supposed to be what tightens up the loose ends. Apparently Nero, the villain, is from the future and modifies the past in some way that effects everything in a new timeline, and yet leave everything alone in the original timeline.

My idea is this.. you can keep ALL the original characters as they are, but what about the established timeline in the 1960's Star Trek that never actually happened? They talked about the "eugenics" wars during the 1990's, it's from that war that brought us Khan.. well, what if Nero stopped the Eugenics War from starting, and distracted the Arabs to start the war of Terrorism against the United States? That would mean all these genetic manipulations from a few hundred years before Kirk would have never happened, and different genes would have mixed for the descendants. You could have the same characters with the same names and such, but having them look slightly different because the genetic code handed down is different..

It feels like a cool idea, only problem is why would you have to bring Nero back to the Original Series timeline after he stops the Eugenics War?

I dunno, but that was my original guess on why the alternate timeline happened.. Thanks for listening.
6th-Feb-2009 09:08 am - Coming soon to a crib near us.
Army Cosmo

When we called the hospital yesterday morning at 6:30am, they said to hold off since they were very busy.. and that they would call us on standby.  My wife said that it really sounded like from their tone that they wouldn't call back until the next day, so that afternoon they went to go see a movie.

Wouldn't you know, they never got to finish that movie, the hospital called them before it ended and let them know to come in.  By 5:30pm we were checking in, and by 6:30pm they had the inducing stuff connected in and ready to go.. and by 9pm nothing really changed since we came in, so the doctor cut it off for the evening, and we slept in the hospital room.

This morning, they turned it on around 7:15am, and already signs of progress.. Katie's dilation increased, and the b-show presented.  They're doing the epidural right now.. so it looks like there's a very very good chance that baby Herff will be born today.

Phone calls will all be made first before an official public annoucement.. but stay tuned!

20th-Jan-2009 05:56 pm - Interesting fact
Army Cosmo
At an estimated 2 million, the crowd on the Mall for the inaugural was larger than the national populations of 51 of the 192 member states of the United Nations.
20th-Jan-2009 10:02 am - About friggin' time.
Army Cosmo

At noon, and after 8 long years, I can respect the man who is in the role once again.

Dubya, with a 22% approval rating, that's how you'll go down in history.. no matter how much you try to spin it in your library, that's hard fact.

No matter how much you try to spin it, the man who succeeded you beat the other guy because he said that the guy who lost was too much like you.

It's the legacy of the Bush family, go in, start a war to get really popular, and then blow it when the economy crumbles, and leave the office unpopular.

Bye bye, Dubya.

Army Cosmo

Poor music sales blamed on pirates and video games.  No, the global economy in the tank which is effecting just about EVERY industry has nothing to do with it.. Oh wait, yes they say it's a minor third reason.

Now digital sales were UP by 27%.. Why do they consider this slowing?  Well, it was 45% last year.. but when you have a new technology and it catches on quickly, you're going to have high spikes like that in the first few years it catches.. you can't expect that percentage to STAY that high forever, it's eventually going to plateau or go up by a slow steady rate.  I mean you're expecting it to jump by 45% AGAIN?  No technology has done that consistently for long periods of time.  Get real, music execs.

Army Cosmo

Okay this is the ground-breaking revelation right here about joining the Army and how it's changed me.  It's opened my eyes to different areas of the world, and I realize that a lot of my depression and misery of my late 20's was related to the rude, crude, and "me me me" atmosphere of this area.  Comparing Philadelphia with some of the areas of the world I've seen, well, I would live in Philadelphia over Baghdad in a heartbeat, but I am actually getting to like the southern United States.

So the question remains, if I do get out of the Army after my five is up, where will we stay?  If I'm out, that means I'd rather be out and away from a military base.  Being in a military environment is fine when you work it or are related to someone who is in the military, but once you're out, I don't see the sense in staying near the base.

Anyway, I haven't fully decided stay in the Army yet.  The Army won't start officially asking me until I've got two years left, and that will be in June.

In any case, I'm pretty sure we're not moving back to Philly, and where we ultimately end up calling home post-Army, well, is in the air.  Maybe I'll change my outlook if I get stationed over at Fort Lewis, as I really liked Vancouver last year.  Fort Lewis might be one of my options when I am up for unit re-assignment come this October, since I am pretty sure I want to stick with working in a PAD or MPAD.

5th-Nov-2008 11:02 pm - Great success!
Army Cosmo
This election, I only got one vote that lost. Everyone else won. My highest success rate ever for an election.. and for the first time, my U.S. Presidential vote won.
25th-Oct-2008 01:55 am(no subject)
Army Cosmo
I love how the Democrat friendly and generally unbaised polling trackers have Obama ahead by about 8-10 points on all the major polls that everyone sees regularly.. and then you visit the Republican friendly sites, and they name some obscure poll showing Obama only having a 1 or 2 point lead and use this as evidence of Obama losing his edge.

Don't believe me? Here's screenshots of the Drudge Report from October 20th.. using the NICKELODEON KIDS PICK THE PRESIDENT poll.
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