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AT&T assumes you're a moron. 
6th-Dec-2009 11:12 pm
Army Cosmo
AT&T has been putting out a "rebuttal" commercial about Verizon's use of maps.

AT&T has said that their maps cover 97% of all Americans. Maybe that's true for cellular reception coverage, but that's not what Verizon's commercial talked about AT. ALL.

I thought it was pretty clear that Verizon was covering AT&T's 3G coverage, which DOES NOT cover 97% of all Americans. In fact, Verizon's commercial was so correct that AT&T dropped their lawsuit.

And frankly, as an AT&T customer, since the iPhone 3GS has rolled out, my own data coverage has been dropping like crazy because of AT&T's way overloaded network. If I wasn't deploying to Iraq soon, I would be putting SERIOUS consideration in dropping AT&T when my contract runs out this May, and going to a cellular network that can handle its data services properly and doesn't assume their customers are morons.
7th-Dec-2009 09:19 am (UTC)
quite simply AT&T, the truth hurts.

what the shame of it is, its best to stick with a company that uses sim cards so you can easily switch phones in a pinch. if your phone busts with sprint of verizon your screwed. so utterly screwed. you cant just wander into walmart and get some cheap but decent pay as you go (via gophone or tmobile prepaid) and pop your sim in and good to go. oh man they rape you with that.

but unfortunately t-mobile has a very very small network. they have some of the best smartphones out there, but with a frighteningly limited 3g network.
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