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Protecting marriage 
3rd-Nov-2009 06:24 pm
Army Cosmo
Random thought of the day...

Why don't the people who want to "protect the sanctity of marriage" by not allowing gays & lesbians from marrying not doing their darnedest to fight against the laws that NO ONE will disagree is a 100% threat to marriage, and those are the laws that allow divorce.

Look, I'm not gay, I have no plans to be gay, and frankly, I don't think allowing two consenting adults to make a commitment to each other would be bad. It DOESN'T open the door to bestiality because frankly, animals don't have the same will as humans to provide consent. And neither does it open to pedophilia, because children also have not matured far enough to know if the consent is right.

Frankly, if you want to protect the sanctity of marriage, go ahead and turn it back into a PERMANENT decision, because that is what its intent was. People wouldn't be getting married on a whim when the consequences are literally being stuck with that person forever.

And I'll leave you for this last thought of the day.

Adam & Eve had two kids, both boys. Who did *they* breed with? Their mom? How is THAT not objectionable?
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